Junior Church aims to show each child the love of Jesus and to teach them from the Bible. We provide a space for each child to develop their own relationship with God and encourage them to live and share their faith with those around them.

We aim to do this by providing:

* Quality Bible teaching to challenge and inspire in an interactive way
* Fun and creative activities to help the children explore and grow in their faith
* Time for the children to share ideas and build friendships.

Junior Church is organised in four age groups, from the Creche to School Year 9 (14 years old). The groups meet during the 11am Sunday service, except when there is an all-age worship service when the whole church meets together.

This work is only possible through our team of skilled volunteers, made up of parents and members of the congregation.


At the end of our online service we provide a short Junior Church for children who wish to partake. We also each month have our fun family friday service which can be watched here

Creche Under 3yrs
Explorers Reception to Y2 (4-7)
Trailblazers YR3 to Y6 (7-11)
Pioneers YR7 to Y9 (11-14)